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Qatar and Immigration

KATHMANDU, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) — Despite coping with diplomatic stand-off and monetary embargo from Gulf nations, Qatar took the largest number of Nepali migrant employees inside the closing fiscal 12 months 2016-17 that resulted in mid-July, Nepali authorities said in a report.

According to Nepal’s Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), Qatar obtained 125,892 Nepali migrant employees inside the closing fiscal 12 months, leaving Saudi Arabia, which was the largest trip spot inside the earlier fiscal 12 months, inside the third place.

Qatari market obtained 31 % of full Nepali migrant employees who migrated on the lookout for worldwide jobs inside the closing fiscal. The Himalayan nation despatched as many as 398,978 employees abroad closing fiscal.

Malaysia emerged as second largest trip spot by taking in 98,437 Nepali employees whereas Saudi Arabia obtained 76,884 Nepalis. In the sooner fiscal 12 months 2015-16, Saudi Arabia topped the chart by receiving 138,529 Nepali job seekers.

According to recruiting companies that present employees to Qatar, new requires for employees have gone down significantly following the catastrophe nonetheless higher demand of employees inside the earlier months contributed to Qatar rising as the largest trip spot for Nepali employees, they said.

On June 5, Middle East worldwide areas, along with Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, imposed monetary blockade on Qatar after chopping off diplomatic ties with it. They have charged Qatar with serving to the “terrorist organizations.”

“The number of Nepali migrant workers leaving for Qatar would be much higher provided this crisis had not emerged,” Laxman Biswa, chairman of Osho Recruiting Agency, one in all many essential recruiting companies to ship employees to Qatar, instructed Xinhua on Tuesday. “After the crisis began, new demand has gone down by 75 percent.”

“As we have not received any report about Nepalis facing job crisis as result of diplomatic stand-off, we have not stopped issuing permit for Qatar,” Mohan Adhikari, knowledge officer on the DoFE, said on Tuesday.

According to the DoFE, the recruiting companies are sending employees to Qatar based mostly totally on earlier requires sooner than the catastrophe began. As new demand is low, the number of Nepalis going to Qatar has moreover gone down. “We used to issue 400-500 permits for Qatar a day before the crisis. Now, we issue around 200-300 permits a day,” said Adhikari.

Provided the catastrophe ends, Nepali recruiting companies think about that there could be extreme requires of worldwide employees in Qatar as a result of it prepares for 2022 World Cup soccer. They nonetheless warning that the Qatari job market has been aggressive as a consequence of influx of worldwide employees from completely different worldwide areas, along with Bangladesh and South East Asian worldwide areas too.